Alex Knapp


7 months ago

The World's Largest Airplane Takes Flight. Next Stop? Outer Space

On Saturday, the world's largest aircraft, the Stratolaunch, made its first complete test flight. The aircraft flew for about two and a half hours over the Mojave desert.
By Alex Knapp 3 min read
7 months ago

This Neuroscientist Wants You To Control Your Devices Like A Jedi

CTRL-Labs is developing a wristband that is capable of reading the neural signals your brain sends your hands and using those signals to control devices.
By Alex Knapp 8 min read
9 months ago

Under 30 Satellite Companies Spire And ICEYE Team Up To Fight Crime On The High Seas

ICEYE and Spire, both cofounded by alums of the Forbes 30 Under 30, are embarking on a joint project to track crimes on the high seas, ranging from illegal fishing to piracy.
By Alex Knapp 7 min read
9 months ago

Under 30 Startup, Relativity Space, Will Be Launching From Cape Canaveral

Relativity Space, which is working to develop 3D-printed rockets, has won a bidding process with the US Air Force to build and operate Launch Complex 16 (LC-16) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.
By Alex Knapp 5 min read
10 months ago

With Virgin Galactic's Latest Flight, Has Space Tourism Finally Arrived?

Though more test flights remain, the company looks on track to carry its first paying customers into suborbital space in 2019.
By Alex Knapp 10 min read
11 months ago

This Startup Just Raised $23 Million To Build More Collaborative Robots

Robotiq makes custom grippers, cameras and other sensors that can be attached to the robotic arms made by a variety of companies.
By Alex Knapp 6 min read
11 months ago

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Answered Congressional Questions On China, Privacy, Political Bias And More

Although other tech CEOs have struggled under the pressure of Congressional questioning, Pichai remained relatively cool throughout and stuck to more repetitive answers to lines of questioning that...
By Alex Knapp 9 min read