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1 month ago

Satellite Startup Spire Raised $40 Million To Bring Its Weather Forecasts To Asia

The small satellite startup, which now has over 100 satellites in orbit, will be bringing more weather data to the Asia-Pacific region.
By Alex Knapp 2 min read
1 month ago

This Startup Raised $2.7 Million To Build The Java Of Quantum Computing

Boston-based Aliro Technologies aims to create a hardware-agnostic platform for programming quantum computers.
By Alex Knapp 2 min read
1 month ago

This Startup Raised $15 Million To Reduce Errors In Quantum Computing

Q-CTRL, an Australian-based quantum computing software company that applies principles of control engineering to quantum hardware, announced Tuesday that it had raised a $15 million series A funding...
By Alex Knapp 3 min read
2 months ago

Internet Startup Astranis Selects SpaceX To Launch Its First Commercial Satellite

SpaceX and OneWeb, among others, are developing constellations of hundreds of small, inexpensive satellites for low Earth orbit.
By Alex Knapp 6 min read
3 months ago

Apollo 11’s 50th Anniversary: The Facts And Figures Behind The $152 Billion Moon Landing

Reaching the moon was a giant leap for mankind—and for the businesses behind the project. The Apollo program’s total cost was about $152 billion in today’s dollars.
By Alex Knapp 11 min read
3 months ago

Elon Musk Sees His Neuralink Merging Your Brain With A.I.

Elon Musk said startup Neuralink, which aims to build a scalable implant to connect human brains with computers, plans to test its brain-machine interface in humans within two years.
By Alex Knapp 10 min read
5 months ago

Jeff Bezos Unveils Blue Origin's Lunar Lander; Announces Launch Of Next-Gen Rocket In 2021

According to Bezos, New Glenn will reduce costs by having a first stage that can be reused 25 times and use liquid natural gas as a propellant.
By Alex Knapp 7 min read
6 months ago

Jeff Bezos And Elon Musk Want To Get To The Moon—They Just Disagree On How To Get There

SpaceX, helmed by billionaire Elon Musk, has been quite keen to remain in the public eye while Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin rarely makes major announcements about future plans, opting for a slow-paced,...
By Alex Knapp 13 min read