James Gavin


1 year ago

Sealing The Deal

Regional M&A dealmaking remains tepid as buyers and sellers play a waiting game. But finance professionals seem to be optimistic of numbers picking up soon. Aside from a few landmark deals, the...
By James Gavin 11 min read
1 year ago

Opening Up The Silver Screen

With Saudi Arabia lifting the ban on cinemas, entertainment firms and cinema operators are eying a slice of this massive, untapped market. After 35 years of blank screens, Saudi cinema goers are...
By James Gavin 13 min read
1 year ago

A Click Away

Online property portals in the Gulf are elbowing traditional newspaper advertising aside as they make inroads in client servicing with help from innovative technologies. Few property searches these...
By James Gavin 14 min read
1 year ago

A Trailblazer In Tourism

Reeling from the impact of lower oil revenues, Oman is forging a new path to growth through tourism-related projects and mixed-use schemes. The Sultanate’s real estate market has been through the...
By James Gavin 12 min read