Michael del Castillo


1 day ago

Blockchain Goes To Work

Welcome to the brave new world of enterprise blockchain, where corporations are embracing the technology underlying cryptocurrencies.
1 week ago

World's Largest Business Organization Embraces Blockchain

The ICC's mission is to streamline global business. According to the terms of the agreement, the ICC and Perlin will create the new ICC Blockchain/DLT Alliance.
1 month ago

London Stock Exchange Leads $20 Million Bet On Blockchain To Cut Out Custody Middlemen

Nivaura's large seed funding round is being led by the London Stock Exchange, the sixth-largest exchange in the world by volume, and stands to change the way investors and companies connect.
2 months ago

Despite Crypto Depression, M&A Deals Set New Record

A record $559 million worth of cryptocurrency-related mergers and acquisitions deals took place in the United States in 2018, according to data provided to Forbes.
2 months ago

Navigating Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP: How Google Is Quietly Making Blockchains Searchable

When it comes to cloud computing, Google is far behind Amazon and Microsoft. But the tech giant is planning to catch up. 
2 months ago

Nasdaq Is Now Working With 7 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges that want to use Nasdaq’s proprietary surveillance technology need to have more than money.
3 months ago

Blockchain’s Moveable Feast: How The Tech Is Changing The Way We Eat

The abstract world of blockchain gets a whole lot more accessible as soon as you start talking about food.  Forbes decided to put blockchain to a tangible taste test.
4 months ago

Crypto's Top Funded Startup Shutters Operations Following SEC Concerns

For a startup that captured widespread attention for its promise to launch a new cryptocurrency designed from the ground up to serve anyone around the world with unreliable central banks, the...