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6 days ago

In A San Francisco Basement, An Ultrafast Electronics Factory Is Wowing Investors And The Likes Of NASA And GE

Tempo Automation makes electronics for NASA, Lockheed Martin and GE in the heart of San Francisco. How? By applying the rules of software engineering to hardware.
By Amy Feldman 12 min read
4 weeks ago

Starship Technologies Raises $40 Million To Expand Its Food-Delivery Robots On College Campuses

The San Francisco-based company, whose total funding is now $85 million, has rolled out its cooler-size robots at University of Pittsburgh.
By Amy Feldman 7 min read
2 months ago

Big Bucks For 3-D Printing: 3-D Printing Unicorn Carbon Raises Another $260 Million At Valuation Of $2.4 Billion

Carbon’s Series E makes the company the highest-valued, venture-backed 3-D printing company at a time when the technology for industrial uses is booming.
By Amy Feldman 11 min read
4 months ago

Venture Funding For 3-D Printing On Track For Record Year Even Before Carbon's Coming $300M Deal

So far this year, 3-D printing companies have attracted $400 million in venture funding, half the $800 million they had garnered in the entirety of last year.
By Amy Feldman 6 min read
5 months ago

Dirty Work For Robots: How Two Young Immigrant Entrepreneurs Created Oven-Sized Roombas To Chase A $5B Opportunity

Autonomous vehicles and robotic food-service startups have captured the public’s imagination, but cleaning robots have enormous, if unsexy, potential.
By Amy Feldman 21 min read
6 months ago

His Bosses Rejected His Idea. Then Hans Langer Became A Billionaire From His Plan For Giant 3-D Printers

While there is limited demand among consumers for 3-D printers, the industrial version of the technology is booming. Hans Langer is one of the original entrepreneurs in this world.
By Amy Feldman 40 min read
6 months ago

Cofounder Of 3-D Printing Unicorn Formlabs Raises $18M For Manufacturing Software Company Tulip

The company's valuation brings Somerville, Massachusetts-based Tulip’s total funding to $31 million.
By Amy Feldman 9 min read