Jeff Kauflin


1 week ago

Visa Enters The $125 Trillion Global Money Transfer Market With New Blockchain Product

Visa is eyeing an even bigger market: cross-border, business-to-business (B2B) transactions, where banks transfer money on behalf of corporate customers.
By Jeff Kauflin 8 min read
1 month ago

Currency Fears Drive Chinese Into Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency industry veterans say Chinese investors are trying to exchange the yuan for other assets, like dollars and bitcoin, because they think the yuan will continue to drop.
By Jeff Kauflin 7 min read
1 month ago

Why Everyone In Crypto Is Talking About DeFi

DeFi is the notion that crypto entrepreneurs can recreate traditional financial instruments in a decentralized architecture, outside of companies’ and governments’ control.
By Jeff Kauflin 15 min read
1 month ago

It Took Three Tries, But This Entrepreneur Transformed His Struggling Startup Into A $2 Billion Unicorn

Jason Gardner, founder of Marqeta, was facing failure in 2015. Some shrewd moves saw him double revenues in 2016,  and every year since, reaching close to $150 million in 2018.
By Jeff Kauflin 22 min read
2 months ago

Bitcoin, BlackRock And The Rise Of Alternatives

As  BlackRock reorganizes itself with an emphasis on higher-fee alternative assets,  a few are beginning to believe that bitcoin could find its place among these nontraditional assets.
By Jeff Kauflin 11 min read