Jameel Ahmad

Jameel Ahmad

Jameel Ahmad is the Global Head of Currency Strategy and Market Research at FXTM. He specialises in financial market developments, with a particular emphasis on global currencies, commodities and emerging markets.


2 weeks ago

Oil Prices Capped By US-China Trade Uncertainty

The escalation in the trade dispute between the US and China has gripped financial market attention over the past month, which is bound to limit upside potential for oil.
By Jameel Ahmad 6 min read
1 month ago

Disney Outlook Brightens On Streaming Revenue Prospects

When entertainment giant Disney announced its new streaming services recently, its stock rose over 11.5% and has notched new all-time highs since.
By Jameel Ahmad 7 min read
2 months ago

Markets Attempt For Stability After Global Investor Panic

It has been a very eventful conclusion of the month for global financial markets.
By Jameel Ahmad 9 min read
2 months ago

Oil Hits New High In 2019 Following Summit In Baku, But Are These Gains Sustainable?

Oil prices have enjoyed an unexpectedly bright start to the first quarter of 2019 so far, with a jump beyond 20% for the commodity.
By Jameel Ahmad 9 min read
3 months ago

Netflix’s Still A Winner … For Now

It is so popular among investors that Netflix shares account for more than 5% of total disclosed equity investments for 17 hedge funds, each. But can it withstand challenge from upcoming platforms?
By Jameel Ahmad 7 min read
4 months ago

How Will Brexit Affect The UAE?

As the UK’s fifth-largest trading partner, Brexit is likely to affect the UAE significantly, not least by giving Britain a strong motive to boost its UAE relations.
By Jameel Ahmad 7 min read
5 months ago

Which currencies will unexpectedly rise above expectations or under-perform in 2019?

2018 will be remembered as a year of heightened volatility for a number of different financial asset classes.
By Jameel Ahmad 18 min read
6 months ago

Global Market Uncertainties Behind The Sudden Drop In Oil

Oil has transitioned from hitting a near four-year high early in October to seeing its value drop by close to $20 in six weeks since. 
By Jameel Ahmad 11 min read