Jameel Ahmad

Jameel Ahmad

Jameel Ahmad is the Global Head of Currency Strategy and Market Research at FXTM. He specialises in financial market developments, with a particular emphasis on global currencies, commodities and emerging markets.


1 month ago

Netflix Investors Sigh Relief Following Q3 Results, But Competition Fears Far From Over

Holders of Netflix shares breathed a sigh of relief after the firm announced its latest quarterly results on October 16.
By Jameel Ahmad 8 min read
2 months ago

More Pressure for Global Economy If US Tariffs Spread to the EU

World economic expansion forecast has reached an all-time low since 2009 after US tariffs spread to the EU.
By Jameel Ahmad 9 min read
3 months ago

Investors Shun Short-Term Bonds As Recession Fears Build

Despite headline GDP figures still mostly in positive territory, it is apparent that investors are constantly asking themselves hard questions.
By Jameel Ahmad 4 min read
4 months ago

Is It the End of Market Dominance for Boeing?

Due to its sheer size, Boeing is systemic to the US jetliner industry and its weakened state may even have a slight knock-on effect on the American economy.
By Jameel Ahmad 7 min read
5 months ago

Gold Miners See Gains From Trade Disputes

Gold mining stocks in the US, Australia and South Africa have gained ground on the back of expected demand for gold and a bull market for the precious metal.
By Jameel Ahmad 7 min read
6 months ago

Oil Prices Capped By US-China Trade Uncertainty

The escalation in the trade dispute between the US and China has gripped financial market attention over the past month, which is bound to limit upside potential for oil.
By Jameel Ahmad 6 min read
7 months ago

Disney Outlook Brightens On Streaming Revenue Prospects

When entertainment giant Disney announced its new streaming services recently, its stock rose over 11.5% and has notched new all-time highs since.
By Jameel Ahmad 7 min read
8 months ago

Markets Attempt For Stability After Global Investor Panic

It has been a very eventful conclusion of the month for global financial markets.
By Jameel Ahmad 9 min read