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June 23, 2019,   3:27 PM

5 Tips On Choosing The Best Name For Your Next Company

Hisham Ibrahim


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The process of choosing a name for your brand, as fun as it may be, can also be an exhausting. The name will represent the product, so it should be unique and memorable, with an available domain out there. If you’re lucky, it could even become a new word in the dictionary one day, like it has with Google.

Here are five tips to help you choose the right name for your next product or next business.

Keep it short

As you want the name to be at the top of a user’s mind, ensure it is short enough to be easily remembered. Four to six letters are perfect.

Ensure the name is pronounceable

Bearing in mind your audience, make sure that the name you choose is easy to pronounce. If you cannot pronounce it in your ad, the users will not.

Ensure to use a memorable name

So, you have a short, pronounceable name—but is it catchy? It will need to roll off the tongue to be memorable. Consider whether it has repetitive letters that make it memorable (Google), or if it could be associate with something else (Amazon, Apple).

Ensure the name describes what it represents

If you’re not making up your own name and instead using something that can be associated with something else, make sure it also stands for what you represent. For example, don’t use a medical term for a construction company.

Use a .com domain

Even ICANN is trying to provide TLDs every day to suite all types of business, but the best to go with .com domain, as it is the easiest to use and remember by the users.

The most crucial step after choosing a name and registering it, is to create social media profiles so users can find it. People will interact with your social media more than your website.

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