August 4, 2019,   3:35 PM

4 Ways To Manage Your Company Reputation

Angela Baker


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Good reputation management ensures that your customers know how you operate your business with integrity, which these days can be as important as their believing your products and services are of value.

It’s important to focus on this from the beginning, not only when something goes wrong. A solid reputation can in fact improve your bottom line, as people are willing to pay a premium to do business with a brand they believe they can trust.

The best approach to this is proactive and multi-phased. Here are four best practices when building your strategy.

Internal communications are key

If you don’t communicate well within your organization, your employees aren’t going to carry the messaging you want them to when they interact with your customers. This is true always, not just when you are dealing with a crisis. When you foster open, honest and clear communication, you build faith amongst your employees, and they can then become your best brand ambassadors. They will speak positively about your company to customers, friends and family members.

Build a reputation-friendly content strategy

Your content is one of the key ways in which you will interact with your customers. A content strategy doesn’t focus on sales and promotion. Instead, it emphasizes providing customers with relevant information, educating them and meeting their needs.

Work to build positive associations with your brand

Take action to ensure that people associate your brand image with something positive. Learn what values are important to your audience and prioritize those. For example, if your target customer is concerned with environmental issues, make sure you tell them about your company’s green policies, or donations you’ve made to an environmentally-focused charity.

Create customer-focused and empathetic service

There’s no magic trick here. The better you treat your customers, the better your reputation. Loyalty isn’t only built through good products. It is earned through the quality experiences you provide. Look for every opportunity you have in any customer-facing moment to impress your clients. Likewise, when they have complaints or concerns, make sure the procedures you have in place lead to them feeling valued and validated.


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