January 11, 2019,   8:30 AM

3 Tips For Ensuring Your Turnkey Project Is A Success

Ujjwal Goel



If you’re a developer, searching for the ideal contractor for a residential or commercial project is no mean feat. When doing so, it is important to evaluate various factors including the company's in-house manufacturing capabilities, manpower strength, quality and integrated management systems.

As a client, it isn't always obvious what pitfalls to look out for when considering who to trust with your project. One issue that could set you back is if the company in question has a lack of manufacturing capabilities, which would mean it has reduced control on the supply chain. Commercial clients could also face limited access to operate in different regions if the company does not have a global presence.

Among the potential benefits is ease of operations and coordination for parties involved in the project. This extends to greater efficiency and more control over quality, costs and time. If the company has varied manufacturing capabilities, bespoke solutions can be created including architectural and interior design.

Here are three tips to choosing the right turnkey contractor.

First, ensure they have a force of engineers and project managers that are experienced in delivering projects like yours. Conduct research and check past projects completed by your shortlisted companies. It isn’t entirely necessary for them to have done exactly the same design, but they should have completed similar requirements, so ask questions and have each company provide detailed examples. If you have the opportunity, reach out to their past clients and have these businesses provide feedback.

Second, ask the firm what it manufactures in-house and what elements will be outsourced. Ask for the number of employees in its workforce, what quality and integrated management systems are being used, and the success rate of finished projects being delivered on time. You need to be sure you will be provided with a complete service within budget and on time while being offered the best quality.

Third, ensure all prerequisites are established, from the design stage to pre-construction and construction, and then project close-out and delivery. Define the project schedule in detail early and ensure that the design will be adhered to.

Ujjwal Goel is the Managing Director of the Teraciel Group

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