November 12, 2019,   4:09 PM

10 Of The World's Most Eco-Friendly Golf Courses

Jenna Heidstrom

Jenna Heidstrom is Marketing Manager at Golfscape FULL BIO


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Sustainability is an ever-growing topic in today's world and golf courses are no exception when it comes to joining the global movement. From the preservation of wildlife to promoting a low-carbon future and eliminating plastic, the golf community is making changes to contribute to putting the environment first.

If you enjoy a round of golf and want to know that you are also doing your bit, here are 10 of the eco-friendliest golf courses in the world.

Arabella Golf Mallorca, Spain

One of the only golf courses in Spain with official sustainability certifications, its commitment can be seen from an extensive environmental plan to go plastic-free and reduce water consumption. By providing mineralized water fountains on the course, fellow golfers can use refillable water bottles to quench their thirst during their round.

Al Hamra Golf Club, Ras Al Khaimah

The first golf club in the Middle East to go fully plastic-free. By eliminating plastic items and introducing high-quality water filtration solutions, Al Hamra is setting a new industry standard.

Osprey Point at Kiawah Island Resort, US

Following a full renovation in 2014, Osprey Point's playing surfaces are made of Paspalum—a low maintenance turf grass that improves water management. This type of grass leads to the use of natural groundwater without having to add chemicals or other treatments.

Mission Hills Haikou, China

The world's largest golf resort implements sustainable measures and is committed to promoting low-carbon, ecology, and environmental protection. Initiatives include the use of solar golf carts, artificial lakes to collect rainwater for future irrigation, and waste management practices.

Sentosa Golf Club, Singapore

Initiatives range from recycling rainwater and using bio-friendly products to lithium-ion buggies and reducing plastic. What's more, the club conducts exchange sessions with other local clubs to share sustainability experiences.

Emirates Golf Club, Dubai

As one of the latest destinations in the emirate to house EV Green Chargers, golfers can leave their electric cars to charge whilst playing a round. The club is also the first in the region to stimulate daylight with LED light technology to create a night golf experience.

Silver Lakes Golf & Wildlife Estate, South Africa

Silver Lakes is home to a variety of birds and wildlife, with floating islands installed to create more breeding space. Recyclable waste, organic fertilizers, and the use of variable speed drives (to improve water consumption) all makeup efforts in conserving the environment.

Laguna Golf Lang Co, Vietnam

Laguna Golf Lang Co uses a unique group of greenkeepers: water buffalos. From bio-mowers to protecting the traditional Vietnamese landscape by eating excess weeds, these buffalos play an important role at the golf course—sustainably and innovatively.

Handara Golf Resort, Bali

The Handara Green Initiative invites guests to partake in a green lifestyle by contributing to the preservation of the natural environment on the course. This includes guests harvesting their salads from Handara's own vegetable garden. Other sustainability measures include the reduction of energy, water consumption and waste management.

Troia Golf, Portugal

Troia Golf is differentiated by its biodiversity. With over 600 species present in the peninsula, Troia is a haven for wildlife. With each species playing a significant role in the ecosystem, the conservation of the environment is a priority.

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